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一、 FCC目前仍與FAA以及NTIA一起合作發展確切的Master產品認證程序當中,以確保符合相關規定且保護TDWR的運作;在暫時的現階段下FCC 於10月5號公告有條件地開放許可5.470 – 5.725 GHz 具DFS之Master (Band 3)設備驗證許可,下述三條件必須符合

(一) 設備必須限定在室內使用

(二) 設備不得使用到 5600 – 5650 MHz 之頻段

(三) 設備須要符合法規47CFR Part 15 Section 15.407,並且不得提供得以改變對於美國管制下驗證許可的運作頻率外之頻率之控制架構。

二、 進一步說明:

(一) 所有操作在5.4GHz頻段內,具有DFS功能之Master的產品都必須要將產品送交FCC 實驗室進行發證前測試與產品許可作業。受證者(申請者)在暫時的現階程序下的申請中,必須要包含適當的證明宣告,此產品僅在室內使用(經由使用手冊內清楚清楚的標示或伴隨該產品上標籤裡清處的標示),並且在報告裡面呈現證明此產品無法在5600-5650MHz頻段內傳輸。

(二) 5.25 – 5.35 GHz (Band 2) 產品還是依據FCC之前規定開放申請

三、 參考相關原文資訊:

In the interim, the Commission will allow certification of wireless master devices with radar detection function and with DFS capability, if they meet the following conditions:

- devices are intended for indoor operations only;

- devices will not permit operations on channels which overlap the 5600 - 5650 MHz band; - devices meet all the other requirements specified in Section 15.407 and no configuration controls are provided to change the frequency of operations outside the grant of certification for US operation. All the devices operating in the 5.4 GHz band and subject to the DFS requirements must be submitted to the Commission's Laboratory Division for pre-grant testing and equipment authorization.

The grantee must ensure that the applications subject to this interim procedure must include appropriate attestations that the device is intended for indoor use (through a clear indication in a manual or labels with the device) and must demonstrate through test reports that the transmission is disabled in the 5600 - 5650 MHz band.

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